June 25, 2013

The Southwest Foodservice Expo in Dallas featured more than 400 vendors showing their wares on June 23-24. In addition, there were scores of vendors who walked the show floor, showing off what they had to whoever would listen. Here are five products we saw at the show that should appeal to Mexican restaurant owners.

1. Comal Foods - This company in Mexico is moving into the U.S. market with a line of fully cooked, delicious packaged meat products. The line includes carne al pastor, cochinita pibil, barbacoa de res, and others. The products come in a variety of packaging, including frozen, thermo selaed, pouch, vacuum packaged, and others. Learn more here.

2. La Paloma Gourmet - This Mexican company is introducing a line of mole products to the U.S. market. Distribution is limited at the moment, but will grow. The line includes mole rojo, mole negro, mole verde, and adobo. Learn more here.

3. Blu Park. This company offers a restaurant online ordering system and website design. It's simple, complete, and perhaps best of all, designed with Mexican restaurants in mind. Owner Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro reports that his target is Hispanic cuisine restaurants. Learn more here.

4. Cisneros Packing Company. Nothing beats machacado for authentic Mexican flavor. Cisneros Packing Company has been producing the delicious dried beef product -- great for machacado ranchero, caldillo of machacado, and other dishes -- since 1976, but distribution outside of Texas began just last year. Learn more here.

5. Culinary fundamentals en Espanol. The Culinary Institute of America and the Mexico Avacado Commission joined forces to create a CD called Mastering Culinary Fundamentals, Dominio de los Fundamentos de la Cocina. Learn more here.

June 25, 2013

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