March 24, 2013

6 Facts About Tequila, Mezcal, and Mexican Restaurants

1. Americans spent $56.5 billion on alcoholic drinks in restaurants and bars in 2010, more than they spent on alcohol anywhere else (USDA Alcoholic Beverages data)

2. Annual sales of tequila in the U.S. will reach 16.4 million cases by 2016 (IWSR/Tequila Report)

3. In 2013 there are 1,269 brands of tequila made by 144 Mexican producers, and 256 more brands bottled by companies in other countries (Tequila Regulatory Council)

4. Mezcal is growing in popularity among U.S. drinkers (Liquor Digest), and is being found on more and more Mexican restaurant menus (La UrbanaMayahuelWest of Pecos)

5. Even many quick-serve Mexican restaurants serve alcoholic beverages these days (Slate magazine)

6. Readers of el Restaurante Mexicano sell a lot of liquor - 65% of our readers from sit-down Mexican restaurants have full bars

March 24, 2013