December 17, 2013

Super Shrink Me is a new film about one man's 30-day journey to lose 10 pounds while eating healthy fare at fast food restaurants. Qdoba and Taco Bell are two of the chains he visits.

Here is a synopsis of the film:

Like many Americans, AVAIYA Co-Founder, iKE ALLEN enjoys going to restaurants for lunch and frequently dinner. He knew he had let his weight slide, but it wasn’t until his 44th birthday that he finally got the impact of how he was living his life. His 5-year-old daughter, Ava, told him he was “TOO LUMPY” to eat his birthday cake!

It was one thing for him to be lumpy, but what was he teaching his children? That night, iKE decided he needed to get back into shape – if not for himself, initially – for his children. Fortunately for iKE, his girlfriend and business partner, Ande Anderson had her masters degree in nutrition.

Super Shrink Me is an inspiring film that chronicles iKE's journey, to lose 10+pounds in 30 days by eating at his favorite Quick Service Restaurants, while being guided to make healthy choices by Ande Anderson, MS, RD. At a time when restaurants are modifying their menus to offer healthier choices, iKE discovers his journey from Fat To Fit is easier than he thought.

iKE trades fried foods for grilled foods, large portions for smaller portions, high calorie meals for lower calorie meals, and drops 12 pounds along the way. His honest, hilarious, and eye-opening journey reveals that people can shrink down to a healthy weight without giving up eating at their favorite restaurants, as long as they are willing to take personal responsibility for making healthy choices.

Super Shrink Me explores the ways Quick Service Restaurants are transitioning to healthier choices, and inspires and encourages viewers to join in the transition.

The film also features interviews with: - Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, President & CEO, Jeff O’Neill - Larkburger, Founders Adam Baker & Thomas Salamunovich - Mad Greens, Founders Marley Hodgson & Dan Long - WhiteWave Foods, President Blaine McPeak - Alexandra Jamieson, Co-Creator of Super Size Me - and more

At a time when 2/3rds of adult Americans are overweight or obese, Super Shrink Me tackles this epidemic head-on, leaving the viewer with the inspiration to take responsibility for their own weight loss, and the education necessary to transform their lives.

Viewers can watch the movie for free by clicking here.

December 17, 2013