November 8, 2013

The Press Art lemon and lime squeezer is a unique small patented utensil, made in France. The use of this squeezer will change your dining experience with any type of food or drink that uses lemon or lime juice. When squeezing the lemon slice, the reservoir fills up with all the juice and you can pour over your food or drink. No more seeds, no more squirts and squatters around the plate and clean fingers are the result. This Press Art lemon and lime squeezer is fun and easy to use. The squeezer is a great gift for every dinner party you attend. it is small enough to bring it to your favorite restaurant and use it. Read more here.

November 8, 2013

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Great Product this squeezer.

I have used this gadget and it really gives you until the last drop in the half round. It is a must for every fine dining restaurant and if you use a lot of of lemons and limes. You make you customers happy.

Diego 120 days ago