March 27, 2013

Beer Tubes™ beverage dispensers from DJ Beverage Innovations were conceived as a "fun way to drink draft beer," and while the fun aspect is still there, Beer Tubes have developed into a sales booster for bar businesses worldwide, getting credit for increased draft beer sales and sparking the "Beer Tubes experience" – the chain-reaction that sweeps through the bar when the first Tube is carried to a table.

Beer Tubes, made of state-of-the-art BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ co-polyester, keep beverages cold longer than pitchers and allow patrons to serve themselves at their table. A 128-ounce Super Tube is also available. The simple three-piece design of Beer Tubes (tube, base, tap) makes them easy to fill, clean and maintain, and the parts are all modular – all tubes fit all bases and all taps fit all tubes. The company has developed a complete "system" for bars using Beer Tubes, including specially formulated cleaning powder, brushes and drying racks, making it easy for them to implement and maintain a Beer Tubes program.

Mel Martinez, area director of Texas-based Ojos Locos, has enthusiastically embraced the Beer Tubes concept, making the Tubes a signature item in his four locations. "We've got about 60-70 Tubes per location. They are a featured item in all Ojos Locos and have become a main driver of repeat business," said Martinez. "On any given night there are 30-40 Tubes on tables throughout the bar."

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March 27, 2013

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Beer Tubes

They are also great for serving margaritas on the rocks, other mixed drinks and soft drinks. The graphics on the base can also be customized with your restaurant logo and any other design. . .

Steve Lerner more than 1 years ago