April 13, 2013

FiestaRita® is Ready-To-Drink Wine-Based Margarita.

14% alcohol by volume, Just open and Serve !

FiestaRita® is great on the rocks or frozen. To serve frozen place the bottle in your freezer, let it freeze, then just squeeze the bottle to serve a Delicious Frozen Margarita. You can also pour directly into your frozen cocktail machine, let it freeze, and serve.

Cinco de Mayo special: $38 per case of six 1.5 liters. Call 800-899-0331 for details.

Check out these 14 recipes for Cinco de Mayo at www.premiumblend.com

April 13, 2013

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Wine-Based Margarita

Very interesting, this would be great for my restaurant. I only have a beer and wine license and I would love to over my guest something different.

Dominic more than 1 years ago