December 11, 2013

Who reads el Restaurante magazine? Leaders of the Mexican/Latin restaurant community!

What type of restaurant?

65% Family Sit-Down Restaurants

18% Quick Serve

11% Fast Casual

6% Fine Dining

96% come from independent restaurants or independent multi-units

Do they serve liquor?

Have a full bar = 49%

Beer/Wine only = 28%

No liquor = 22%

What is their title?

80% owner/operator

11% manager

5% president

3% chef

1% other

Do they make purchasing decisions?

95% make purchasing decisions

91% say that the advertising in el Restaurante introduces them to products or helps them make purchasing decisions

Our readers plan to buy a lot of equipment in the coming year:

Stove/range/oven 70%

Refrigerator/freezer/ice maker 44%

Tortilla-making equipment 40%

Blender 53%

Vegetable chopper 44%

Are they expanding?

52% of our readers who responded to an August 2013 survey said they plan to add a new location or expand their existing location within the next 1-2 years.  

Data from el Restaurante subscription forms and from an August 2013 reader survey.

December 11, 2013

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