November 25, 2012

Epazote and Hora Santa Ice Cream

2 qts. half and half

1 T. vanilla paste

1 T. vanilla extract

12 oz. egg yolks

1 lb. sugar, granulated

4 oz. epazote

4 oz. hoja santa

Scald half and half with epazote and hoja santa; let steep for 30 min. Puree smooth. Prepare ice bath to cool custard in by placing a 1-gallon bowl inside a 3-gallon bowl filled halfway with ice water. Whip sugar and egg yolks until pale. Temper yolks with about 1 pint of the infused milk mixture. Return mixture to the rest of the milk and cook on medium-low heat stirring constantly until custard covers back of spoon. Empty custard into prepared ice bath and cool. Add vanilla extract and paste. For better flavor, chill overnight.

Recipe by Chef German Garcia Tamez, executive chef of the Monterrey campus of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM); courtesy of Kendall College, Chicago

November 25, 2012