February 4, 2013

Web Exclusive: Boomers at the Door

Baby Boomers are going out to restaurants more than ever before, according to data from NPD Group. How do you attract Boomers to your restaurant? Here are five tips: more »

Aug 2, 2013

5 Tips to Boost Your Take-Out Business

Mexican restaurant food is great for take-out, and millions of Americans know it. Here are five tips to help you maximize your take-out business, from setting up a devoted take-out space to using green packaging. more »

Sensational Seafood

Mexico is geographically blessed with two seacoasts, making fish and other seafood plentiful in restaurants and fish markets throughout the country. Yet U.S. diners typically don’t consider seafood a Mexican staple. That may be changing! more »

Jul 31, 2013

Tamarind: A Flavor Boost from Salad to Dessert

An iconic ingredient in Mexican cuisine, tamarind has traditionally been used in all manner of beverages and sweets, and has recently appeared in menu categories from salads to desserts. more »

Jul 31, 2013

Tamales Make the Holiday Festive!

Tamales are a traditional holiday treat in Latin restaurants, and these special recipes are sure to please your customers! more »

Nov 22, 2013

Holidays Hispanic Style

The Christmas and New Year holidays are welcomed with high spirits throughout the world, and nowhere more so than in Latin America. The most festive time of year is celebrated with gatherings featuring traditional dishes and beverages. more »

Dec 2, 2013

Smart Purchasing: Four Ways to Pump Up Profits

If your restaurant is like most, you probably are happy about every dollar left in your bank account at month’s end. Managing purchasing procedures can boost that total. We’ve uncovered four tips that any Mexican restaurant owner can quickly apply. more »

May 31, 2013

Compras inteligentes: Cuatro formas de aumentar los beneficios

Si su restaurante es como la mayoría, probablemente le hará feliz cada dólar que le quede en el banco a final de mes. La administración del proceso de compra puede aumentar esa suma. more »

Dynamic Drinks

Chef/mixologist Junior Merino has a lot to say about today’s hottest food and beverage trends. But it takes just two words to sum up Merino’s take on the No. 1 thing shaping bar menus in 2013: Latin flavors. more »

All in the Family

Business at La Borinqueña Mex-icatessen is clearly a family affair—and it has been since Rosa and Adriano Velasquez set up shop in Oakland in 1944. In this first-person account the founders’ daughter and granddaughter tell the story. more »

Five Key Products at Expo Comida Latina

El Restaurante Mexicano publisher Ed Avis just returned from Expo Comida Latina in Los Angeles, and he reports that mole, purple corn, and great cheese were among the highlights of the show: more »

Celebrate Day of the Dead!

Dias de los Muertos now rivals Halloween as a Fall holiday. And it gives Mexican/Latin restaurants the chance to celebrate with special menus. Chef Danny Mena, for example, has created hauntingly creative dishes for his restaurants in New York. more »

Mezcal on the Rise

Mezcal is no longer taking a backseat to tequila. Many Mexican restaurants are incorporating mezcal cocktails into their bar menus. Here are eleven mezcal cocktail recipes and a list of quality producers. more »

Quinoa: Modern Menus Incorporate Ancient Grain

As the United Nations declares 2013 the International Year of Quinoa, this Latin American super food is getting global recognition and appearing in dishes of all kinds, including Mexican. more »

Making Your Own Tortillas Entices Customers

Tortillas are a staple of your restaurant's menu, and making your own adds freshness and a little theater your customers will appreciate. more »

7 Social Media Tactics Every Mexican Restaurant Can Use

Social media is essential for success in the restaurant business, and many Mexican restaurants are doing things right. Here are seven tactics you can apply to your restaurant, from getting staff involved to promoting offers. more »

Mar 13, 2013

7 Costly Buying Mistakes Mexican Restaurants Make

Do you trust your distributor too much? Forget to inspect deliveries? Pay top price for every item? These are just three of the common purchasing errors explained in this article. Read this article and save money! more »

7 Tips for a Great Mexican Restaurant Website

At el Restaurante Mexicano, we’ve been having fun surfing the web looking for good Mexican restaurant sites. We found seven things that the best sites do well. more »

7 New Mexican Foodservice Products From the NRA Show

The National Restaurant Show in Chicago is always packed with interesting new products for foodservice professionals, and this year we found seven that we think will most interest readers of el Restaurante Mexicano. more »

5 Products from the Southwest Foodservice Expo

The Southwest Foodservice Expo featured a wide range of products suitable for Mexican restaurants. Here are five that caught our attention. more »

Up Close With...Zarela Martinez

Chef Zarela Martinez was recently inducted into the Who’s Who of Food & Beverages in America. el Restaurante Mexicano editor Kathleen Furore asked Martinez to share the story of her journey from Agua Prieta to New York City. more »

Web Exclusive: Chef Spotlight - Ronaldo Linares

Chef Ronaldo Linares, who heads the kitchen at his father’s N.J. Cuban restaurant, shared two of his favorite recipes with el Restaurante Mexicano: Roasted Sweet Plaintains with Roasted Poblano Pepper Guava Sauce and Curry Adobo-Rubbed Flank Steak. more »

¡LATIN FOOD FEST!™ to Launch in San Diego

¡LATIN FOOD FEST!™ is a seven-city tour beginning in San Diego on September 12. The culinary extravaganza will educate palates and entertain patrons at 20 events, including Ultra-Premium Tequila and Rare Wine Tastings and chef benefit dinners. more »

Video: Mama Mexico's Guacamole

This video shows a server at Mama Mexico's in New York who really knows how to whip up a tasty guacamole! more »

History of Maize Culture

Mexico’s mythology provides a beautifully written account of how the gods of different cultures discovered corn. more »

Winter Warmers: Put Mexican Chocolate on Your Menu

Are your customers leaving after dinner to relax over hot drinks and dessert at the coffee shop down the street? Enhancing your beverage menu with hot chocolate and coffee drinks could keep them. more »

The Countdown to Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner -- is your restaurant ready? Read on to get our Cinco de Mayo quiz, cocktail recipes, and product ideas. more »

Apples and Pears: Harvesting Fruit on Mexican Menus

Late summer and early fall in Mexico bring an abundance of seasonal fruit, including apples and pears. While not usually associated with Mexican food north-of-the-border, they play flavorful roles in much of the country's regional cooking. more »

Web Exclusive Recipe: Tamal de Cazuela (Tamal cooked in a Cazuela)

This web-exclusive recipe for tamal cooked in a cazuela is a chicken recipe your customers will love! It is reprinted with permission from Tacos, Tortas and Tamales by Roberto Santibañez (Wiley Hardcover, October 2012). more »

Desserts that Dazzle

Flan, fried ice cream, Tres Leches cake, churros and sopaipillas. Those are the sweets, and popular ones at that, typically found on Mexican restaurant menus. more »

The Cocktail Craze

Using fresh ingredients and juices, non-alcoholic ingredients like coconut water, and small amounts of mezcal and other strongly flavored spirits are some of the top trends in Mexican bars. more »

Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

Skip the boring stuff and serve your patrons Tocineta "Bacon" Guacamole or Cuban-inspired Picadillo while they watch the Super Bowl Sunday! They'll remember the food more than the game, guaranteed! more »

Celebrate National Meat Month

January is known as National Meat Month—a great time to look at how much America loves its meat and to uncover new ways to enjoy and celebrate it. Check out a new recipe from Executive Chef Ryan Fichter of Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge. more »

Coconuts: Tropical taste enhances menus year-round

The low coastal regions of Mexico provide a wealth of culinary ingredients, not the least of which is the coconut. One of the most popular flavors in the country, coconut is found in home-cooked dishes and on restaurant menus. more »

Up Close With...Candace Flores Carrillo

Since editor Kathleen Furore first met Candace Flores Carrillo in the late 1990s (she was then simply Candace Flores), a lot has changed for the Mexican restaurant industry, for Candace, and for El Charro Café. more »

Big Ideas, Quick Changes: Small steps can bring big improvements for your bar

It is never a bad time to make changes that will help your business grow. Industry expert Robert Plotkin shares a few simple-to-implement tips that can get you started on the road to a better bottom line. more »

Taking on Tamales

Pasquale's Tamales in the Mississippi River Delta town of Helena, Ark., started serving tamales in the 1930s, and now makes just one version of the traditional Mexican delicacy. more »

February 4, 2013

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